"Committed To Produce Super 240 Future Leaders..."


To produce high quality Mechanical engineers to suit diverse sectors of industry namely design, manufacturing, services, research & development, information technology and to promote technology & society symbiosis.


  • Programmes for career development of students
  • Quality Improvement Programmes for staff development
  • Strengthening Consultancy and Product development
  • Masters programme in core areas
  • Laboratories with state of the art infrastructure and high-end software
  • Classrooms for E-learning and E-library
  • Centre for Advanced Studies, Research Centres in emerging areas

Infrastructure / facilities

  • Machine Shop
  • Foundry & Forging Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Design Lab
  • Material testing Lab
  • Energy Conversion Centre
  • Fluid Machinery Lab
  • Basic Workshop
  • Instrumentation Lab
  • Mechanical Engineering lab
  • Dom Lab
  • MMM Lab
  • RAC Lab
  • HMT Lab
  • ICE Lab
  • THERMO Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Automobile Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Work Shop