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  • Central Library
  • The Central Library of PIETECH is pretty rich in its collection of books catering to most of the branches of knowledge in engineering. There is a collection of more than 10000 books (Text, References and Generals) in the Library. The periodical section enjoys the subscription of 45 journals (National and International) and 30 magazines (technical and general) along with the prominent dailies.
  • Technical work
  • Central library has set up a technical section where all the books are well processed. All the books are classified and catalogued according to the 20th edition of DDC and AACR-II respectively.
  • Reading area
  • It has a sitting capacity of about 200 students at a time. The reading area has been divided into two sections. One is with the storage area and other is a reading hall.
  • Circulation
  • The central library strictly follows the management principle i.e. the spirit of hive. Therefore, we are continuously available as per College time for the issue and return of the books. Library follows the "Browne Charging System" for the circulation. Where 3 tickets are issued to each student and all the College employees are entitled to get 5 library tickets.
  • Arrangement
  • Central Library is providing open shelf system keeping in mind the objective of easy access to the document. All the books have been arranged subject-wise.
PIETECH computer center is well equipped to meet the central computing requirements of the faculty, staff and students of the institute. All the major software and hardware platforms have made available to the faculty and students. Computer center develops and maintains college websites, Proxy servers, FTP servers, DNS servers; it also provides Antivirus solutions and Email facilities to faculty and staff. Computer center remains open as per college time. Computer center also looks after the maintenance of computers and other IT equipped items of the college. Computer center also provides various advanced and special purpose softwares like Matlab, Qualnet etc. for the campus users. The Computer Centre is also involved in developing software for in-house use. The Examination and attendance management system developed by the Centre is used comprehensively by all the departments. Course management system is under development and will be unleashed shortly. The Computer Centre also conducts short term courses for non teaching staff of the college.

Computer center is also responsible for management of Internet bandwidth management and currently 10 Mbps Internet leased line terminates in the computer center from where it is distributed to other departments of the college. The Computer Centre also manages the Campus wide network of the institute. The campus wide network has been extended to all the hostels. New hardware and software are procured on a regular basis so as to provide a state of the art computing facility to the BBSBEC family. To cope with the power cuts and to provide maximum uptime to the users, computer center is powered by 160 KVA capacity UPS systems backed with adequate generator supply.

To provide access to the central computing facilities and Internet access throughout the campus, optical fiber based gigabit backbone campus wide area network has been implemented in the college.. Latest managed layer-3 and layer-2 switches and optical fiber physical medium has been used to implement this project which currently serves some 750+ nodes in the college. Wired network has been overlaid with the extensive wireless network consisting of 200 plus 802.11b/g wireless access points. This wireless network provides seamless connectivity throughout the campus. Campus wireless network has been well secured by deploying home developed open source based security solutions. This network is maintained and managed by the computer science and IT department of the college.

The college maintains a fleet of buses for transportation of the students & staffs from the nearest locations. The institute is committed to provide its students all the comfort and convenience to help them to achieve their targets. The transport service is just a small effort in this direction. The institute has a fleet of nearly 08 Buses plying around the city to carry students from as far as various corners of the city.

Keeping in view the sound health of the students with relation to studies, the institute is keen to provide hygienic food to the students, which offers a great variety in itself at extremely nominal charges. It has over 200 sitting capacity at a time.

A well-managed canteen has been established in the campus to cater to extra food needs of the students Tea, Coffee, Cold drinks, Snacks & Fast Foods and Meals are served. A cafeteria is a place where students interact with each other and recreate themselves, So a modern hygienic cafeteria with multi cuisine has been built for the students.
Sport is an activity that Professional Institute of Engineering & Technology is governed by a set of rules or customs in our institute and often engaged competitively. Used by itself, sports commonly refer to activity where the physical capabilities of our institute players `are the sole or primary determiner of the outcome - the winning or losing. All sports of our college have a winning player or team and a losing player or team. If there is no loser or winner its not a sport.

The officially given uses to which sports and other athletic activity are put center around physical health and character building. The vast recourses laid on for physical education in high school, college and city league programs are justified by appeal to the presumed increases features of modern sport activity which bespeak this rationale.

Sport served a political function. Capitalism supports a division of sports into 'theirs' and 'ours' into workers sports and bourgeois sports. The working class must use sports to bring back people from their lonely, tortured and shattered world to their rightful human dignity.


  • Basket Ball Court
  • Volley Ball,
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor games
  • Cricket Ground
  • Badminton
  • Kabaddi Court

Institute has extensive Workshops and Laboratory facilities in every department with all required equipment and systems to enable the students to conduct practicals properly. The Laboratories are well maintained and are having sufficient number of supporting staff, who are equally well trained and committed to students learning. The main laboratories common for all the departments are as following:


  • Fitting shop
  • Smithy shop
  • Sheet metal shop
  • Carpentry shop
  • Electrical shop
  • Machine shop
  • Welding shop


  • Physics laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Basic Electronics laboratory
  • Strength of Materials laboratory
  • Computer labs for every department with internet facilities
  • Material Science laboratory
Especial emphasis on grooming of personality by soft skill development with facilities like fully equipped communication skills lab with audio and video inputs for development of effective skills including public speaking, group discussion, and interviews preparation.


PieTech motto: “Engineering By Practice” defines us and our institutions in the best possible way. PieTech is established with a global vision that makes it one of the leading institutions in the academic world. Its structure, design, facilities and quality of academic programmes which are given below carry those attributes that enable the students to achieve their hidden potentials in such a way that they can be compared to the best in the country. It proves that when the Western pattern of formal education gets grafted with Indian ethics and aesthetics, it attains a unique strength in our students and they learn to face the tough professional challenges of their professional world with a rare ease and expertise. Whatever may be the area of their work, they reveal mastery in their vocation. It fulfills our fundamental goal that is to prepare them to perform and perform well at the same time. In other words, PieTech thus is an excellent preparation ground with positive, productive environment where the students learn to choose with their eye on the all round success. We transform the diverse young men and women into “organic intellectuals” in whom the intelligence and emotional intelligence groom the traits of their character and quality of leadership. It turns out to be more or less a magical experience. There is no reason why an educational experience which is the product of a holistic vision should not be so – actually magical. PieTech students fully realize the worth of life and all living individual, all schools of thought , and all cultures and religions because they are given freedom of self-exploration and self-expression, freedom to remain individuals with all diversity and still to be a part of the wider social order.