"Committed To Produce Super 240 Future Leaders..."

Director's Desk

Dear Aspirants,

Setting a goal in life and achieving it are two different things. It is the achievement of the goal that requires single minded devotion and dedication as well as literally burning the midnight oil for its realization for most of you it is the time to gird up your loins and put in your best foot forward towards choicest careers and tremendous over targets for the realization of your parents' as well as your dreams. I welcome the new aspirants to be a part of great tradition and assure you all that PIETECH 's glorious reputation will add new dimensions to your life. We inculcate in our students simple cricket wisdom. "Life is just like a one day match, with limited time end overs. We can't afford to be complacent and waste time and opportunities, because it is not remaining in the crease, but scoring that makes us win".

In addition to improving academic excellence, we have been organizing a variety of co-curricular activities for all-round development of the personality of the students. Our goal is to continuously improve the healthy learning environment and to achieve academic excellence for employability as world- class technocrats and entrepreneurs. Apart from well equipped labs, strengthened by latest technology, we have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty that form the backbone of this college. PIETECH happens to be a true temple of Saraswati where work is worshipped and sterling scholars work in a true team spirit and act as torch bearers to the students.

"Give to the world the best you have. And the best will come back to you".

It is not the strongest that survives; neither is it the most intelligent, but those responsive to change. PIETECH has a unique culture that inculcates strong values in its students and yet making them adaptable to change. It is increasing demand for competent engineers and technocrats for executing various projects in private, public and government sectors in India and abroad which sparred the management to start this college.

PIETECH is an institute where growth is a way of life. It is our tradition to excel. Every effort shall be made to keep this tradition alive. Providing quality education to all our students with the objective of producing future leaders is our primary objective. In fact, the intrinsic qualities of dedication, hard work, integrity and loyalty blended effortlessly into the professional education by our highly skilled faculty and trainers give our students a cutting edge in competition and makes them the clear choice for corporates. Out students are being fully trained to suit the multi-faceted requirements of the Industry and to become leaders in every sphere of life.

Prof. S.K. Kharia