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Ragging in educational institutions in any form is banned in light of directives issued by the Hon' ble Supreme Court of India.

"Ragging is any disorderly conduct, whether by words spoken or written, or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any student, indulging in rowdy or in disciplined activities which cause or are likely to cause annoyance , hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely effect the psyche of a fresher or a junior student."

We must ensure that ragging does not take place at our campus in any from. A student, who is found guilty of ragging, self face several punishments laid down by Hon'ble. Supreme Court like the cancellation of admission, suspension, lodge FIR, suspension/ expulsion from hostel, fine of Rs. 25000/-, withholding results etc. A collective punishment will be given when the persons involved in ragging cannot be properly identified. Should such a case be reported or brought to the notice of the official of theAman Bhalla Institute of Engineering and Tech-Kotli,Pathankot then the authority/ Institute shall take action deemed fit against them. Further students are advised to bring this type of cases in the notice of the following authority immediately. More details, visit the site of Hon'ble Supreme Court.


Anti Ragging Committee Members (2014-15)

Name : Prof. S.K. Kharia, Director
Mobile No. : 9826323172,
E-Mail : : director@pietecraipur.org

Name : Prof. A.N. Tripathi, Dean (Academics)
Mobile No. : 9826416029,
E-Mail : : dean@pietechraipur.org

Name : Mr. Sanjay Gupta, HOD (ET&T Dept)
Mobile No. : 9685905225
E-Mail : : hod_et&t@pietechraipur.org

Name : Mr. Deepak Supalbhagat, HOD (Mech Dept)
Mobile No. : 9669803319,
E-Mail : : hod_mech@pietechraipur.org

Name : Mr. Omkar Verma, HOD (Civil Dept)
Mobile No. : 7746810450,
E-Mail : : hod_civil@pietechraipur.org

Name : Ms. Vinita Phatnani, HOD (CSE Dept)
Mobile No. : 9993829419,
E-Mail : : hod_cse@pietechraipur.org

Name : Ms. Suman Pahade, Asst Prof. (ET&T Dept)
Mobile No. : 9098724477,
E-Mail : : suman.pahade05@gmail.com